The mission of SEREX is to develop sustainable solutions and practices to support innovation and technology transfer in companies related to the forest product transformation sectors. In doing so, it aims to position them in future markets.


Optech is a College Technology Transfer Center (CCTT) incorporated as a non-profit organization. Optech has structured its technological expertise around five main areas: optical fibers, lighting and imaging, metrology, microsystems, and artificial intelligence in optics. This cross-cutting structure enables them to engage with various types of companies operating in several innovative sectors, including the medical technology, multimedia, industrial production, and environmental sectors.


Nergica is an applied research center that fosters innovation in renewable energy through research, technical assistance, technology transfer, and support to businesses and communities.

In practical terms, Nergica is a non-profit organization driven by a team of passionate experts and equipped with unique research facilities in natural environments, unparalleled in Canada. Nergica maintains close collaborations with industry stakeholders, research centers, international organizations, developers, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Kemitek’s mission is to assist companies in innovating within the fields of renewable chemistry, green chemistry, and process control while actively contributing to the maintenance of a regional center of excellence with international reach.


The Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence, JACOBB, has a mission to facilitate the application of artificial intelligence in the Quebec economic landscape. JACOBB aims to accelerate Quebec’s economic and social progress through the use of artificial intelligence.


The Industrial Maintenance Technology Institute (ITMI) is a technology transfer center affiliated with Cégep de Sept-Îles, specializing in industrial maintenance.

Institut du véhicule innovant

The Institute for Innovative Vehicles is a leading authority in the electrification and automation of transportation. Their goal is to support your innovation process by assisting in the development of new vehicle technologies. As a College Technology Transfer Center (CCTT) affiliated with Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, IVI is also accredited as a research center by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).


As a College Technology Transfer Center (CCTT), InnovLOG provides technical assistance, applied research, training, and awareness services in the fields of logistics and transportation. InnovLOG operates objectively and independently to deliver the best-suited solution to its clients’ needs.


Innofibre plays a role in accelerating the technological advancement of your bioprocesses and bioproducts. They can assist you in mitigating technological risks associated with innovation in your industrial processes and product diversification. By collaborating with them, you gain access to specialized analytical laboratories and unique pilot facilities in North America.


Maritime Innovation (IMAR) is an applied research center affiliated with the Maritime Institute of Quebec (IMQ), a component of the Rimouski College. IMAR is a non-profit organization, governed by a board of directors consisting of representatives from the maritime industry and the research sector. The mission of Maritime Innovation is to contribute to the development of the maritime sector and promote excellence through innovation. Maritime Innovation aims to develop solutions for the benefit of companies through applied research, technical assistance, and information dissemination.